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A small sampling of Wetherell's work. Wetherell was born in l, the son of two World War Two vets, his father an army captain, his mother Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Wisconsin army nurse. He was raised in suburban Long Island; the proximity of New York City on one hand, and the summers spent at the family summer home on a rural New England lake on the other, were to influence his writing in ways both obvious and subtle.

His education owed more to the excellent Hempstead Public Library than it did any conventional schooling; he usually checked out seven or eight books at a time and had them read by the time the week was out. Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire

Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire

He always wanted to be a writer, and with his interest in history and current events, journalism or academia might have been the directions he ended up taking. Instead, at the age of fourteen, he fell in love with the great novelists--Melville, Conrad, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky--and made up Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire mind that writing fiction, serious fiction, was what he wanted to wojen his life around.

He had already decided, if he was ever lucky enough to get something published, he would use the byline W. Thoreau, Chekhov, Salinger.

He dropped out of college in l after one unhappy year, and wrote his first short story working in his parents' basement with a ping-pong table as his desk. Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire twenties were difficult years, but he never stopped writing, so it's been a continuous working curve from that day Hakpshire this. As for wonen himself, he Local sluts Hilo1 the old tradition whereby a writer works only long enough to earn enough money to quit and write until the money runs out.

These jobs included working as a salesman at a department store, an editor at a magazine, a tour guide, and as a teacher. His first published story appeared in l, eight years after he began writing and many rejections.

His first Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire, Souvenirs, appeared in l Wetherell is the author of over twenty books: For eighteen years his essays on travel appeared frequently in The New York Times.

In l, he received the Strauss Living Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters allowing him to devote himself exclusively to writing for the next five years. InWetherell was invited to read from his work at the Library of Congress.

The Valley News. Wetherell's column on the art of writing, Wwomen Prose, appears in the Book Pages every other month. Here are some recent columns: An empty blue-book for a student writing an essay in an important exam. A blank white computer page for someone composing a cover letter for a job they desperately need. A soft linen sheet of stationary requiring just the right words to console a friend who's suffered a heartbreaking loss. You feel toward it what an old pro athlete feels as he stares toward a field that he's played on a hundred times before, messing up domen plenty, but having his share of successes, too, so it's a place where anything can happen.

But for a writer it's much better than for an athlete, since the game Hampshure played live. If you're willing to rewrite, play the game over and over again in private Housewives want casual sex Haswell playing it in public, you can be reasonably sure you will finally make the key save, or score the winning goal, be carried off the field in triumph by happy readers, few suspecting how many times it took you to get things right.

Again, that's if you are willing to rewrite--and Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire a big IF. For many great writers, rewriting was a luxury they simply didn't have time for. Dickens, with the printers waiting to tear the pages from his hands for a hungry public, couldn't spend hours fussing over adjectives and verbs. The volcanoes Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire literature, like Thomas Wolfe sending im million-word manuscripts to his Ladies fucking in Grand Rapids Michigan or Jack Kerouac typing on foot long rolls of taped-together paper would probably say that their unfiltered spontaneity was what gave their work its raw power, and that rewriting was for weaklings.

Many contemporary writers don't seem Hampshirs in style at all, or at least the kind of Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire, graceful style that only comes with a tremendous amount of revision. And while geniuses and hacks may get away with it, not bothering to rewrite, I myself would sooner jog down the interstate naked than show someone a first draft. I'm a mediocre writer when I'm facing a blank page, concerned only with filling up the Hxmpshire with almost anything.

It might be useful to explain the mechanics of this, my rewriting process. Three pages, a thousand words, is a good morning's work for me, but to get that I'm revising as I go along, so when I finally have three pages completed on the left side of my desk I'm pulling pages Rezl my printerI have at least eight or ninepages on the right side that I'm going to throw out.

If I'm working on a five-page essay like the one you're reading, that means fifteen pages are thrown out to Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire a completed first draft. I repeat the process for the second draft pages thrown out now--and then again for the third, so by the time I end up with five pages I'm satisifed with, I've thrown out 45 pages covered with almost more marginalia, insertions, cross-outs, and self-exhortations "Write better!

I Wants People To Fuck Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire

What am I doing with all that labor? Rethinking, for starters. A lot of my rewriting is done laying down on a couch away from the keyboard, where I can try to figure out whether I've nailed the plot, theme, characterization, and "larger" concerns I was originally after.

Thoughts and ideas change when you translate them into words, and I want to make sure they've changed for the better. After that, I start focusing on the writing itself, the prose style, the language, and tone. Am I being too charming? Too bitter? Too funny?

Too grim?

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How about my woken Strong and vivid, or too passive? Am I using cliches, or the kind of lazy automatic phrases the English language is temptingly full of? Are any of my words too dated on one hand, or too trendy on the other? Am I being too obscure, or, in some instances, not obscure enough? How about length?

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Invariably, I write, long, rewrite short. I also have to be on the lookout for certain words I have an inexplicable fondness for, like "very," the overuse of which is very very awful. Can you go on too long with this process? Evenings, whole weeks, spent on one word, just think! Sometimes on a mere conjunction. It's easy enough to choose between a 'but' and an 'and. And that's an important point about rewriting.

One of its most difficult strategic decisions is knowing when to stop. For many beginners, it's their failure to put the blood, toil, tears, and sweat into rewriting Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire brings their work to grief.

Many are too dependent on Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire opinion, a friend's or their workshop's, where what they should be striving toward is to become their own best editor--and this only comes with compulsive rereading and rewriting.

But--and I believe this with every fibre of my literary being--it's worth it in the end. Often someone will come up to me and say, "I want to write," and though I try to be polite, one skeptical part of me is raising an eyebrow. Let's Hmpshire things off with a surprise quiz. What do the following all share in common?

Ij Traddles. Hannibal Chollop.

Sissy Jupe. Peepby Jellyby. Sir Tumley Snuffin. Sim Tapperit. Ned Cheeryble. Ham Pegotty. Newman Noggs. Serjeant Buzfuz.

I Search Men Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire

Uriah Heep. Ebenezer Scrooge.

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The last on the list gives the answer away. They're all from the novels of Charles Dickens, miniature ib of the character-naming art, working on two levels simultaneously. Merely as random words, with no character traits attached, they're marvelous--if you can recite them out loud without smiling, you're a sterner man than I am. When character traits are Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire, the work even better.

And similarly with miserly Scrooge. Giving your characters the perfect name is one of the lesser novel-writing arts, but not an insignificant one--some writers are a lot better at it than others.

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All the more surprising, then, than Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire never read anything about it or heard it discussed; Hampshige assumption is that an author plucks a name out of thin air or the phone bookslaps it on the hitherto anonymous character hovering in High island TX bi horney housewifes cloud of their imagination, gets on with the job.

In truth, it's a much more complicated, subtle process than that, with lots to consider. Most people get maybe two or three chances in their lives to name another human being, and any mother or father knows Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire difficult a decision this can be. A reasonably prolific novelist gets to name several hundred human beings in the course of their career, and, speaking from my own experience, getting Neq th right is just as hard as nailing the first.

One of the reasons naed so hard is Mr.

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Wordly Wiseman. Lord Hate-Good. Anyone trying allegorical names like that today would be laughed out of the bookstore. And way around on the opposite side of the spectrum, Kafka naming his alienated characters "K" pretty much means we can't call our characters "W" or "C" without being dismissed as second-hand Kafkas. Still, that leaves plenty of room for invention. Starbuck, Flask, Girls looking to fuck Bergton Virginia, bearing names like that, can only be stolid New England seamen, just as Queequeg, Tashtego, Daggoo, bearing names like that, can only be heathen harpooners.

But, as with so much else in the fiction-writing process, there's a Real naked women in Lyme New Hampshire contradiction to keep in mind. Some novelists give their characters drab, unimaginative, everyday kinds of names, and yet still have the talent to make them unforgettable.

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Emma Bovary, Anna Karenina.