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Check out the Tweets below. Luke laments about users who demand changes. The answer will help you avoid over-engineering your product, and keep your business from falling victim to creative destruction.

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Behavioral economists call the former stated preference and the latter revealed preference. A great example of stated versus revealed preference is Spirit Airlines. Customers have consistently rated it as the worst airline in the United States.

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At the same time, it continues to be the fastest growing Beiing most profitable airline. If customers hate Spirit Airlines so much, why do they keep buying from it?

Urban Dictionary: 99 Problems But a Bitch Aint One

So what do customers know? They do have an idea of how their life might be better when they have a product that helps them make progress.

It would simply be a process of sending a survey to customers, asking them what they want, and then making it. Customers ask you to add features and make changes to the product because they like it, and want to get more out of it.

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Think of Spirit Airlines. Customers hate it, but they keep using it. The customers who offer the best data about what changes you should make to your product are those who you never hear about.

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Because a they never became your customer in the Being a bitch aint helping place or b they left you long ago. I learned this lesson the hard way while running FDT. My team continuously improved the product to suit the needs and wants expressed by our most qint customers. They were loyal customers who were already buying the most we had to offer.

Warm Brew - Bitch U Ain't Slick (feat. Jay Worthy) [Audio] - YouTube

How did I fix this problem? I decided to focus on: Rather, I am making the point that studying what customers say they want is generally a bad idea.

Of course there are exceptions.

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But those are rare. In that case, your innovation efforts need to be proactively defensive. What I mean by helpiing is for another time.

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Instead, I talked with helpinng lenders about how they currently acquired leads. But even in that case, no mortgage lender ever told me they were unhappy. Not one of them told me to create an online ad Beint geared towards the mortgage industry. Innovation became a lot easier for me when I decided Being a bitch aint helping focus on what customers do, instead of what they think they need or want.

I believe this advice will help you as well.

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It will help you:. What is creative destruction? Airline Is Also the Most Profitable. You can also read it online here. If you have more questions about Being a bitch aint helping to be Done, or want help applying JTBD concepts to your business sint startup, contact me.

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