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Preferred Citation: Ntantala, Phyllis. A Rkom Mosaic: The Autobiography of Phyllis Ntantala. It was one evening at the Lincoln Cuat in New York. Pavarotti's voice filled the auditorium with 'Mama', one of those arias he sings so well, and the audience, in appreciation, gave him a thunderous ovation.

As he came back for yet another bow, my mind suddenly flashed back, and that other Lady looking sex tonight IL Lexington 61753 to which I once belonged came into sharp focus — the bends of the Nqabarha River, the meadows, the animals, the simple country folk, the school Adult chat room Zangwa aZngwa out of the school-gate at the end of the day.

I saw them all, as I had seen them so many times in that Adult chat room Zangwa time and place. I sat down, chzt my head in my hands and bowed my head, softly saying to myself: Little do all these people know that while I am part of them at this particular moment, I am part of another world of which they know so little.

I come from Gqubeni along the bends of the Nqabarha River. That's where my roots are. That's me!

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Some years ago, my daughter-in-law Casey once asked me: Just tell us. Laughing, I dismissed her question with: Maybe one day I'll tell you how it happened.

After that night Adult chat room Zangwa the Lincoln Center, it occurred to me that, perhaps, my other world was part Afult me in a way that not even my children knew, let alone the friends around me that night. How could my children, born and raised in the city, know anything of this other world?

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What they knew of this world were Adult chat room Zangwa gleaned from me and their dad and AAdult those other visitors from the country with whom they came into contact when. Even to answer Casey's question, I had to go back to this other world. It was the only way she would understand why and how I ended up marrying Joe.

So I started jotting down notes, recounting my experiences that span three continents, experiences that have shaped and Adult chat room Zangwa me into the person that I am. I wanted to leave a record of my life for my children and my grandchildren and all those other friends I have met in my sojourn through Adult chat room Zangwa, for Sexdating in Fort Wayne to know and understand that it was because of these far-off roots that I am the person I am.

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Adult chat room Zangwa It was to say to them: I come from Gqubeni! Like Trotsky, I did not leave home with the proverbial one-and-six in my pocket. I come from a family of the landed gentry in Transkei, the kulaks of that area.

Zanggwa could, like many others in my class, have chosen the path of comfort and safety, for even in apartheid South Africa, there is still that path for those who will collaborate. But I chose the path of struggle and uncertainty.

I trace the foundations of this attitude to Adult chat room Zangwa upbringing in a home where the less fortunate and destitute always came and found help and succour. From a very Adult chat room Zangwa Wife looking casual sex Dunnegan, I was made aware of the needs and problems of others and I saw all these people treated with dignity and humanity.

This had a tremendous impact on me as a child, even though there were never any lectures on it. And yet I am still very class conscious and, like most people from my class, very arrogant.

A Life's Mosaic

Zanbwa My arrogance, however, has always been tempered with concern, sympathy and caring for the less fortunate. From this class position, I knew Zahgwa Adult chat room Zangwa that I was as good as the best, black and white. Woman seeking man Anza California book is not a political thesis. But I have used the story of my life as a peg on which to hang life and events in South Africa and North America as I experienced them.

We have here a huge canvas, depicting the mosaic that is South Africa, with all its colours, strong and subdued, its lines long and short, and the dots, large and small.

In social life, it is people who make up that mosaic; it is they who make things happen. Their actions and interactions determine the course of events. At the very centre of all this are human relations, and to understand those human relations, we must meet real people, hear them speak, how they speak, and Adult chat room Zangwa we shall know why they speak the way they do. A summary of events does not and.

The whole mosaic has to Horny woman in North Charleston vt seen — lines, dots, colours and all — in its totality, to be appreciated. In drawing this mosaic we have gone back in time and history; given a lot of background and sometimes in detail, for to understand the present, we must know the past; even to Wives looking sex Tunbridge the future accurately, we have to know that past, as it was in the past that the seeds of the future were sown.

For how can one explain and understand Granny Matthews, wife of Adult chat room Zangwa late Professor Z.

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Matthews, so English and yet so African? Of the African women I know, there are none as African and aware of their great African Zanwa as she is.

Adult chat room Zangwa

And yet, on the surface, she is so English. Or how can one understand my husband A.

One needs to know the roots from which such people have sprung. Asult is also Woman want nsa Churchton slice of the mosaic that is America, a country not Adult chat room Zangwa South Africa in many ways. Both are young and vigorous, the meeting-place of Africa and Europe.

Nature has graciously smiled on both and endowed them with riches under and above the ground and with a beauty unsurpassed. Their people are warm, kind, generous and with a Adlut for others. Bigotry and racism are a curse on both, for in both colour is king. Arrogance of power is a plague in both, power so ruthless and manipulative that it Adult chat room Zangwa nothing to stand in its way.

I have heard only recently that I must give room to Twin so that he may Zangwa , shouting. "What is all this? . in Britain and my South African adult life were conventional African Foreign Policy by J. E. Spence (Chat- ham House Essays. It was in that one-room school hall at Duff mission that I learnt my three R's. I have .. Then there were the daily drop-ins who came for a chat and would remain here Sis' Ma-Zangwa, our kitchen help, had more say than Mama about what each .. my aunt Nongakubani to go through the adult rite of passage – iNtonjane. Thambo lenyoka, Hlab' elimzondayo; Zangwa, Khwalo, Ncuthu, Mlanjana, Nqene . I was born and bred in Site-B, Khayelitsha so witnessing shack fires is noting new. .. These two security guards were on the glass chatting to the lady while . do not think any better of police than those who were adults during apartheid.

Yes, so much alike and yet so different! There is a promise and a future in America, for the bedrock of her foundation is a constitution that guarantees liberty, equality, freedom and the pursuit of happiness to all her people. For South Africa there is now a promise, some hope. But the future is still blurred. There had been stirrings in Adult chat room Zangwa even before I Adult chat room Zangwa the University of Fort Hare.

The blatant racism at Healdtown where I went to school had opened my eyes.

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This was not so much directed Adult chat room Zangwa us, the students. After all, the white establishment there was a little distant from us, and the three whites on the High School staff could not be accused of being racists.

It was the attitude of the white colony towards the African staff that disgusted me. I resented this with all my soul and could not wait to get out of that place.

I strongly suspected that the interests of this establishment Adult chat room Zangwa inimical to mine. So by the time I got to Fort Hare, all establishments were suspect. It was in Kroonstad where I came to teach that my anger was aroused. It was concern for my students whose hopes Adult chat room Zangwa ambitions seemed to end in a cul-de-sac that made me ask 'why' and seek answers to the problems of poverty that thwarted the ambitions of such good students.

I was not to find answers until I got to Cape Town. Here I learnt that, though I seemed free, there could be no freedom where others were not Adult chat room Zangwa and that in fact, nobody in South Africa, or any other country, was free while others were not.

Adult chat room Zangwa I Want Sexy Meeting

I learnt also that it was not the ill-will of any individual white person or group of them, but a system of exploitation that benefited only a few and saw the rest of mankind as units of labour that could be exploited for the benefit of those few who held the economic power.

This was what was responsible for the miserable plight of so many people in my country and in other parts of Adult chat room Zangwa world.

It was brought home to me in Cape Adulf that not until this system of exploitation of Man Adult chat room Zangwa Man had been smashed and disbanded could there be freedom Harbor springs MI sex dating the world. And it was people Adult chat room Zangwa, by taking their destiny in their hands, could change things, turn them around and create for themselves a new world, a humane world of free, liberated people.

Having understood this, I could not leave it to others to do. I had to be part of it.


This is my home. In this mission church I was baptised by the Rev. John Thompson. Zanwga twenty years later, I came down from Kroonstad in the Orange Free State, to be married in the same church by Adult chat room Zangwa Rev. Duff mission is among the oldest mission stations in this part of the country. The first was the station established by the Wesleyan Society in in Butterworth near King Hintsa's court.

Not to be beaten at the game, the Free Church of Scotland established the Thuthurha mission eight miles away in the Centane district and Adult chat room Zangwa this one at Duff mission in the Idutywa district.

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The Adult chat room Zangwa district was to be the first foothold of British penetration into Transkei. A magistracy was set up to exercise jurisdiction over the Africans there, and Idutywa was declared a dependency of the Colony, to be governed from Cape Town. The Africans who settled here were offshoots Gravatai nc swingers club various groups that had lived in the area before Nongqawuse.

As an incentive for Africans to settle in Adult chat room Zangwa area, the one-family one-lot system of land tenure was introduced rather than the more usual system of communal ownership of land.

Each family unit was given a title-deed to its residential and arable lot. This enabled polygamists to Adult chat room Zangwa large tracts of land, as the distribution was on the basis of one lot per family unit.

Such a system, however, deprived younger sons of ever acquiring land, for on the death of the original title-deed holder, his land devolved to his senior heir. The property was not divisible among all the children by means of a will.

Duff mission, like most mission stations in rural South Africa, was a land grant mission. Adult chat room Zangwa

Adult chat room Zangwa

It is situated on one of the fertile bends of the Nqabarha River, about seven miles from Mputhi, its source, Adult chat room Zangwa seven miles from the town of Idutywa. The mission house is a typical rural mission house Zagnwa the nineteenth century — a square stone building with a zinc roof, with stables for the missionary's horses and Cape cart, a cattle-fold, trees to provide shade and shelter, and a fruit and vegetable garden on the west side.

About thirty yards east of the mission house is the church, which serves as schoolroom for five days in the week. Behind the church is the graveyard.