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I N D I V I D U A L   T R A N S C R I P T I O N S
Each transcription includes standard notation and tablature. Playing notes are included as well as techniques required. All transcriptions are taken from video or CD recordings and transcribed, then checked over by Tim for accuracy and playing notes.

Digital Downloads:
Each individual transcription is available as a downloadable Adobe PDF file.
Click here to go to Tim's Online Store to order and download your copy immediately and directly to your computer.

  • A Few Bowls Terkish
  • Abu's Courtyard
  • Beautiful City
  • Goin' Back to Mississippi Blues
  • I'll Fly Away
  • Jelly Roll Blues
  • L'etoile de Mer
  • Little Princess
  • Mahshav
  • Maple Leaf Rag
  • Mississippi Blues
  • Oh Daddy, That's Good
  • One String Leads to Another
  • Ravayah
  • The Rebbe's Hasid
  • Sippur
  • Todos Si Hueron
  • The Victory Rag
  • Waltz with a Mermaid

See Tim's CDs for some that may be purchased including printed individual transcriptions.

A V A I L A B L E   T I T L E S

M U S I C   B O O K S

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Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook CD-ROM with transcriptions and tablature - $25.00
by Tim Sparks

There is no other guitar master of the style that has studied boogie-woogie as fastidiously as Tim Sparks. Likewise, no other guitar master that is able to present as complete a curriculum on boogie-woogie as Tim Sparks. Tim’s Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook is your definitive guide to learning everything you really need to know about fingerstyle boogie-woogie.

Tim has organized the Fingerstyle Boogie Handbook into three sections. In Section 1, The Boogie Toolbox, Tim equips you with all of the requisite techniques and tools of the boogie guitarist’s trade. You’ll learn melody lines, chord shapes and boogie bass lines that you’ll combine to craft a comprehensive acoustic fingerstyle boogie guitar style.

The Nutcracker book with transcriptions and tablature - $20.00
by Tim Sparks

Out of Stock

Download the Nutcracker Suite as a PDF document at Tim's web site for $12.

Titles include:

1. Overture
2. March of the Toy Soldiers
3. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
4. Trepack - Cossack Dance
5. Arabian Dance
6. Chinese Dance
7. Dance of the Reed Pipes
8. Waltz of the Flowers

Balkan Dreams Suite book with CD, transcriptions and tablature - $18.00
by Tim Sparks

Out of Stock

Titles include:

1. Merak N'Ty Ubana
2. Dimineatsa Dupa Nunta
3. Samiotisa
4. The Blues on Bartok St.
5. Karsilama Interlude
6. Chekerjankino
7. Cymbalom Dance
8. Gorome
9. U Largove Pa Ba Za
10. Fiddle Melody

Neshamah book with transcriptions and tablature - $19.00
by Tim Sparks

Out of Stock

Titles include:

1. The Baal Shem Tov's Melody
2. Hamisha Asar
3. Odessa Mama (Odesa Mame)
4. Skrip, Klezmerl Skripe
5. Los Caminos de Sirkeci
6. Kad Jawajuni
7. A Hora Mit Tzibeles
8. Viva Orduena
9. Quando el Rey Nimrod
10. A Leybedike Honga
11. The Shoemaker's Melody
12. Freylich
13. Sholem Aleichem
14. Naftule Spielt Far Dem Rebin
15. Addio Querida

Post-Modern Fingerstyle Blues instructional CD-ROM with transcriptions and tablature - $25.00
by Tim Sparks

Out of Stock

Tim Sparks has brought along a priceless gift for we students of guitar -- a veritable Sistine Chapel of fingerstyle instruction; Post-Modern Fingerstyle Blues, which features enough insight and fretboard wisdom to sustain a lifetime of study.

Sparks cleverly utilizes eight fingerstyle masterpieces as a framework for presenting his curriculum. In the end you will add your own version of these eight tunes to your playlist. The real educational firepower of Post-Modern Fingerstyle Blues are the key learnings found within the series of breakdowns for each of the eight tunes. It's there that Sparks demonstrates a wide variety of mesmerizing techniques, mind-blowing voicings, innovative fingerings, creative harmony, elegant performance nuances and so much more.

Roots, Rags and Blues instructional CD-ROM with transcriptions and tablature - $45.00
by Tim Sparks

Out of Stock

Roots, Rags and Blues is an interactive instructional and performance CD-ROM that includes 7 different Roots guitar tunes taught in video and tab lessons plus 6 bonus performances of Blues, Ragtime, Gospel, Early Jazz and Klezmer, all played on a Vintage 1917 Gibson L-4. Featured selections are, Mississippi Blues, Amazing Grace (two different versions) Jelly Roll Blues, Oriental Blues, Maple Leaf Rag, Victory Rag, Carolina Shout and a fingertsyle lesson on the 1918 Klezmer classic, Tanst, Tanst Yiddlekh.

This package captures American Roots Music from the early part of the 20th Century, as reflected through fingerstyle guitar. The lessons and performances come with matching tablature, notation and extensive liner notes with internet hyperlinks.

Roots, Rags, and Blues is a terrific value with 7 hours of instruction plus 6 bonus performance videos and a bonus audio CD, all for the price of one lesson.

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