Notes On...

The Notes On... series of Beatles song analysis.

In 1989 the American musicologist Alan W. Pollack started to analyze the songs of the Beatles. He published his first results on the internet. In 1991 - after he had finished the work on 28 songs - he bravely decided to do the whole lot of them. About ten years later, in 2000 he completed the analysis of the official Beatles' canon, consisting of 187 songs and 25 covers.

These song analyses were published on The 'Official' Home Page. In case you want to quote these pages, please refer to the original sources. So for Pollack's remarks on "Free As A Bird" refer to: Pollack, Alan W. (1995), Notes on "Free As A Bird". Notes on ... Series no. 194, 1995. The 'Official' Home Page (

This page includes a link to download Pollack's total analysis in Adobe PDF format.

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